Skating Clothing and Accessories

What To Wear For Ice Skating

For a social ice skating trip, or even your first lesson, you do not need to be wearing lycra or even have your own pair of ice skates. Just wear something that is comfortable and allows you to move easily. Clothing that isn't too baggy and has a little stretch in the fabric would be best. Don't wear anything that's so restrictive that you can't bend down and touch the floor. You can hire ice skates from the ice rink and they will be adequate for your first few visits.

Enjoy your first few skating sessions and try a group lesson before you splash out on any specialist clothing. If you decide you are going to stick with it, then you can come back and look at the huge range of skate wear we have to offer.

What Do Ice Skaters Wear For Practice?

If you are reading this, then I assume you've had a lesson or two and decided to stick with it. Congratulations, you are a figure skater!

You are probably going to venture onto practice ice sessions (sometimes called patch) soon and may be wondering what other figure skaters wear. The stereotype that there are lots of dresses and sparkly outfits every day is quite a myth. Some skaters do wear plain dresses/skirts and tights every time, but the majority wear leggings or trousers. There's a lot of choice for the girls and you will see a lot of variety because everyone eventually settles on what they are comfortable in. For the boys, it's almost always some stretchy trousers. They can be tracksuit style, or more formal looking lycra trousers.

You will rarely see figure skaters practice in their most glamorous ice skating costume. It takes many many hours to perfect a routine and there will only be a couple of dress rehearsals. You will probably spot a few rhinestones though! Some skaters like to bring that sparkle into their everyday skating with some crystals on their jackets and leggings. Others prefer to stick to plain black.