Ice Skating Tights

Our selection of skating tights come from the World's top manufacturers. Whether you need them for practice or for competition, we have a wide selection of styles and different shades in stock. If you want warm tights, look for the ones which are 'heavy weight' as these have a really thick fabric. All the other tights are more sleek-looking and have a denier rating to determine their thickness.

What Kind Of Tights Do Ice Skaters Wear

Figure skating tights are not just standard tights that you'd buy from the high street. They are made of stronger fabric to make them a little more resilient. Most skating tights are opaque and may be considered to be more like leggings than tights. Some even come with fleece lining on the inside to make them extra warm.

There are few different styles of tights to choose from and the main difference is whether the tights cover none, all or some of the skating boot. There are no specific rules on the matter, it's down to personal preference. Some skaters choose a particular style because they believe they make their legs look longer or their toes look more pointed.

Footed Tights

Most similar to standard tights that cover your feet and are worn inside the boot.

Footless Tights

These are tights with no feet, just open at the bottom like a pair of leggings. They exist because some skaters like to have bare feet, or choose alternative socks to wear in the boot. The ends of the tights can be tucked into the boot to look like regular tights, or can be pulled over the top of the boot slightly and used to tuck in the laces.

Over The Boot Tights

Tights with large feet which are designed to be stretched over the outside of the skating boot. They fasten together underneath the boot with either velcro, hooks or clips.

Stirrup and Heel-Cover Tights

These are variations of over-the-boot tights that don't cover the entire boot.