Figure Skating Dresses

Whether you are looking for a dress for a figure skating test, a competition, or just something for your everyday training, we have a wide range of classic, simple or sparkly skating dresses. With a selection of brands from Chloe Noel, Intermezzo and Mondor, to Jerry's and Sagester, we hope there will be something to your liking. If there is something particular that you are looking for and can't find, please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help you source your perfect skating costume.

What To Wear For Ice Skating Competitions

For competitions there are some strict rules about costumes and deductions are made from competitors' scores if they break these rules. Men are not allowed to wear tights and ladies skirts must cover their hips and bums. Leotards without a skirt are not allowed and nor are separate tops and bottoms. Often a mesh-like material is used between the bust and skirt of a costume to give the illusion of separate clothing and this is OK as long as they are connected. Outfits must not give the illusion of excessive nudity and must also remain intact throughout the performance. If a piece of the costume falls onto the ice you can expect to see another deduction from the score.

Rules around competition clothing don't allow designers to steer to far away from a traditional skating dress for women and trousers with a shirt for men. Creating unique designs is a very skilled job and bespoke designers will customise outfits to fit with the skater's style and music choice. Of course, bespoke costumes are not within everyone's budget, which is why there are ready made dresses available from the top manufacturers in the industry.